Category: Shredders

It’s a never-ending battle.

Your desk is a mess, your closet is a wasteland, and the art of keeping things organised has been lost to you long ago. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With our high-quality shredders, you can finally get rid of old documents and confidential records once and for all. Shredders come in three different types: strip-cut, cross-cut or diamond-cut. The type you choose will determine the size and shape of the pieces that result from shredding – higher security levels require smaller pieces which we’ll leave up to you to decide based on what level of risk and insecurity you’re comfortable with. The shredder should be able to handle staples as well as paper clips and credit cards – just make sure there’s an off button available if something goes wrong! The number of sheets the shredder can handle will affect how quickly your documents will be destroyed; look for an auto-start function as well