Marbig Hard Floor And Tile Floor Chairmat Large with keyhole 114 x 134cm Clear




SKU: AC87207

Product Description

  • Ideal for any size office, frequent use.
  • Protects hard floors from wear and tear caused by chair wheels.
  • Bevelled edges for easy manoeuvrability on and off your mat.
  • 3mm thick mat with textured top surface is slip and scuff resistant.
  • Suitable for tiled, cement or vinyl as the embossed base prevents moisture build-up and damage to flooring.
  • Timber, floating or varnished floors may not be suitable for hard floor chair mats as if dust or grit builds up under the mat the ongoing use will result in a scratched or damaged finish.
  • 2 year guarantee.
  • Specifications

    • Weight: 8000 g
    • Width: 116 cm
    • Depth: 140 cm
    • Height: 2 cm

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