Staedtler Whiteboard Marker Bullet Green




SKU: ST351-5

Product Description

High-quality markers at an affordable price.

  • RICH COLOURS. Your presentations will be easily seen with the intense, bright colours of these markers.
  • WIPE OFF EASILY. Alcohol-based ink is low-odour yet your markings will wipe off cleanly, leaving no traces.
  • CONVENIENT STAND UP PACK OF 6. Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Violet and Black.
  • CONVENIENT STAND UP PACK OF 4. Red, Green, Blue and Black.
  • INDIVIDUAL MARKERS. Available in Red, Green, Blue and Black
  • All markers are Bullet Point with a nib size of 2mm.
  • Specifications

    • Weight: 10 g
    • Width: 2 cm
    • Depth: 2 cm
    • Height: 15 cm

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